Headquartered in Central Virginia, Crysis Averted is a versatile independent consulting firm that brings real-work experience and expertise to our clients, in order to educate on how to securely conduct business, while ensuring security practices remain tailored to the organization’s business goals and objectives.

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By implementing the 3 Pillars, Crysis Averted can provide your organization with the tools and education needed to conduct business in today's digital marketplace.


AWARENESS is the key first step when attacking any problem. Crysis Averted conducts discussions to ensure small to medium sized businesses are fully aware of the many risks associated with conducting business in today's modern digital marketplace.



Cyber EDUCATION is imperative for all businesses. With over a decade of experience, Crysis Averted ensures that businesses and their employees are routinely educated about new and emerging cyber threats, and how to protect coveted organizational data.



Cyber RESILIENCE refers to the ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events. Crysis Averted partners with you to develop a comprehensive information security program customized to provide the resilience businesses need to maintain operations, and rapidly recover in the event of a security event.